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November 28th, 2004

01:19 pm
*yawn* This community is so dead... hmm... anything to spice it up?

Grr... Updates... updates... Join chorus! Mrs Hepler wanted me to tell people that.

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October 23rd, 2004

11:16 pm
Name: Sandra's older sister, Sam Buzzard
Age: 15
Grade: 10th
After School Activities: None yet, unless they're having Drama Club this year...maybe.

(Ashley, Sandra has this too, so I'll have to tell her about it)
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October 17th, 2004

10:40 pm
Name: Aubrey Michelle Richter
Age: 15
Grade: 10
After-school activities: My after-school activities? I don't have any that have anything to do with school at the moment.. but when Drama Club comes around you can bet I'll be there.

Want to know about CHS Drama Club?
Our director is Mr. Hile. There was a rumor that he killed himself sometime in the summer, but no one really knows. I never really liked the guy because he's a jerk, but let's just hope for Drama's sake he's alive. The plays he chooses are bad. Very bad. Last year I was a donkey and a fish, but they're still fun nonetheless. I've been mentioning to him every year that we need to do a musical, but he just ignores me, even though we have some talent in our school and should show it off.
But hey, audition when it comes around.
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Current Music: Yuki - Home Sweet Home

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07:52 pm
I guess I better fill this out too

Name: Ashley Merritt
Age: 12
Grade: 7
After-school activities: Um... I practice for district chorus...

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07:42 pm
Welcome all CHS Students - I want you to fill out the following before joining
After-school activities:

I know - not much, but hey, I'm not made of questions, you know. I actually lead a somewhat important life.
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